Electric Car Charging Station Installation in Atlanta

Electric Car Charging Station Installation in Atlanta

05 Jul

Electric Car Charging Station Installation in Atlanta

Have you recently planning to purchase an electric vehicle? Getting an electric car is a great investment, not only for you and your family, but for the environment as well. While public electric vehicle charging stations are popping up all across North America, the majority of electric car owners charge their vehicles at home. However, many people aren’t sure how to prepare their garage for effective nightly charging. At Mr. Electric, we provide a wide range of electrical services for residents and businesses in Atlanta, Roswell, Suwanee, Sandy Springs and other nearby Metro Atlanta area communities. Our premium offerings also include both residential and commercial electric vehicle charging station installation, electric car station repair and electric car station replacement. If you’re ready to get the most effective and efficient way to fuel your new ecofriendly ride, call the experts at Mr. Electric. Our customer care team is ready to answer all your questions and can also schedule an appointment for your next electric car station installation or maintenance service. 

Professional Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Atlanta

Electric vehicle charging station installation requires complex electrical work. Anytime a home or business owner must work with electrical wiring, it’s best to call a licensed professional to avoid unnecessary electrocution, injury or dangerous fires. When you hire an experienced team of electricians to do the job, you’ll know that the work is being completed according to the manufacturer’s requirements and will comply with all codes and regulations. Your new car is a big investment and it’s important that you protect it. Improper charging can significantly deplete the longevity of your vehicle and possibly even cause irreparable damage. Let the professional electricians at Mr. Electric take care of it for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of your new electric car without any stress or headaches. Our certified local technicians are well acquainted with all major electric vehicle manufacturers and are prepared to make sure your new electric car station installation works well for years to come. 

Electric Car Charging Station Repair

Experienced Electric Car Station Repair and Electric Car Station Replacement

Installing electric vehicle charging stations is only half of the work. It’s also important to work with a company who can perform regular maintenance services and repairs if issues ever arise. Working with the same company from start to finish will ensure that if a problem occurs in the future, you’ll have a professional with personal knowledge about your system. Our experienced electricians have extensive training and are highly qualified to perform any inspection, repair or replacement for your electric vehicle charging stations. 

Are You Ready for Your Electric Car Station Installation? Call the Experts at Mr. Electric Today

Are you ready to get your new electric vehicle out on the road for the best possible price? Get your new electric car station installation today. Our team of certified Atlanta area electricians are ready to put their tools to work for you. Whether you need a brand-new installation, an electric car station repair or an electric car station replacement, our professional specialists will get the job done right. Call our office today to discover more about our electric vehicle services or to schedule your next appointment.