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Electrical Panel Replacement in Roswell

Circuit Breaker Boxes & Breaker Replacement in Roswell

Do you know how old your house is? If you know this then you must also know that the electrical breakers have gone weak and fragile within past years and now they are not appropriate to take load of your modern equipment. 

All you need is an electrical panel replacement in Roswell to fix your worries. We know it is not easy to find a reliable and trustworthy electrician in Roswell. However, you can come to Mr. Electric who is serving the community for the past many years and it is one such service provider with complete expertise and excellence in circuit breaker upgrade, fuse box installation and the electrical panel replacement in Roswell. 

Call Mr. Electric today. 

Electrical Panel Installation in Roswell

Mr. Electric, your trustworthy electrician in town

The electrical panel holds all the circuit breakers in your house. The main function of the circuit breaker is to route the electricity towards the house smoothly so that the electricity reaches all the electrical fixtures and appliances properly. These circuit breakers are also responsible to control the electricity power so that the wiring does not become overloaded due to the surges in the electricity. 

Ideally, a circuit breaker will trip automatically when there is a sudden upsurge in the electricity to protect the fixture and the appliances from catching fire. The circuit breaker has its safe limit and once the limit is crossed, it trips. However, there are other safety measures to be taken while you add a new appliance to the circuit breaker. If you still are not able to make it, it is ideal to hire a professional for the electrical panel replacement in Roswell. 

We are here with some of the symptoms that suggest an electrical panel overload:

  • You should call for a circuit breaker upgrade when you notice that the breaker is tripping off often.
  • You should be observant towards your appliances and observe if the breaker trips when a specific appliance is turned on. If that is so, it is time to reach out to Mr. Electric. 
  • When you know you have shifted in an old house where there are chances of electric panel failure.
  • Do not avoid the burning smell of wire in the house that must be coming from the electrical panel. Call Mr. Electric without delay.
  • If you observe lights flickering, small short circuits, sparks from wires, there might be some serious problems with the electrical panel. Call us for an effective electric panel replacement in Roswell. 

Paying attention to the signs

Leaving the above signs unnoticed can prove to be hazardous for you and your property. The consequences of an overloaded circuit breaker can be dangerous and you should call an expert like Mr. Electric to deal with the problems. 

Whether you need a circuit breaker upgrade or you need a new fuse box installation in Roswell, we shall fix your problems quickly and efficiently. Call us today and we assure you satisfactory results. Moreover, we will ensure that our men reach your property at regular intervals to check if everything is working smoothly in your electrical panel. 

Reasons to Choose Mr. Electric

We are locally owned and operated electrical company located in Atlanta offering emergency electrical repair & installation services to residents and business owners in The Metro Atlanta area at the best rates. All our local electricians are background checked, licensed, insured and certified. Mr. Electric of Atlanta has been offering electrical services since 1990s. Contact our office today to schedule a neabry certified electricians in your area.



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