Automatic vs. Manual Transfer Switches

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An automatic transfer switch is what allows your backup generator to shift from the local utility company to your own electrical supply in the event of a power failure. In all 50 states, it is a requirement for all wired-in generator installations to have a transfer switch. Therefore, choosing the right transfer switch is one of the most vital decisions when planning the ideal generator system for your home or business. Here’s a few considerations to make when deciding between a manual or automatic transfer switch for your generator.

Manual Transfer Switch
A manual switch requires you to locate the generator during a blackout or power supply problem. This can be a nuisance when you’re fumbling around in the dark with a flashlight in order to find the transfer switch. For those occupying large buildings, that can mean waiting quite a while for the generator to produce power for your property. However, they are also generally less expensive and maintenance costs can be significantly less. Those with smaller properties or home’s may feel that the savings are worth a trip to the basement.

Automatic Transfer Switch
An automatic transfer switch will immediately sense when the electricity has stopped working and will turn the generator on for almost instant power. When the city power supply returns, it will turn off the generator and go back to receiving electricity from the original system. No searching required. Though the costs may increase and installation is often more complex, the security and convenience of an automatic transfer switch may be well worth it for some.

Making the Right Choice
The decision depends greatly on your individual circumstances. If you want a generator for your family in the event of an emergency and budget is a concern for you, then a manual transfer switch may be the perfect fit. However, if you run a large factory, or a hospital, then you probably don’t want to risk going without electricity for more than a few seconds. Weigh the pros and cons of both options before making a final choice.

Why Professional Installation is Important
There are many factors to consider when properly installing a transfer switch of any kind. There are national electrical codes that must be adhered to that many homeowners and company managers may be unaware of. It’s also important to note that improper installation could cause your entire electrical system to become overloaded and damaged. When you hire an expert electrician, you know that your power system is in good hands. There’s no reason to worry about your generator not working properly or not passing inspection because your transfer switch is installed incorrectly. Call Mr. Electric to find out how our certified electricians can help your home or business.

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