Lighting Services


Lighting Services in Atlanta

Is your outdated lighting system causing you to struggle with expensive electric bills and frequent repairs? Update your home or business today by investing in professional custom lighting in Atlanta, Georgia. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we provide high quality residential and commercial electrical services including lighting repair, lighting replacement and lighting installation in Atlanta, GA and surrounding metro area communities. Have you been searching Google for a dependable “lighting installer near me”? Then you’ve found the right answer. Contact our office today and discover how our premium Atlanta lighting installation services can upgrade your property.


Professional Residential & Commercial Lighting

Have you considered installing recessed lighting for your living room, or cabinet lighting for your kitchen renovation? Do you want to make your beautiful landscaping efforts stand out with custom outdoor lighting? A well-designed lighting system can offer a variety of benefits for homeowners. You can showcase art, sculptures and other favorite features. Mood lighting can help you create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, from romantic dinners to large family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Practical lighting will also ensure that your family and friends are safe when walking through the hallways and staircases at night. Advancements in manufacturing and technology have also produced smart lighting systems, which can be controlled via smart phone or tablet, even when you’re at the office or on vacation. Smart lighting system installations can help maximize energy efficiency, reduce monthly utility costs and increase the convenience, comfort and security of your home. From a basic light fixture replacement to an advanced motion sensor security lighting system installation, our certified electricians in Atlanta are ready to make it happen.